The Impact of Giving

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Hear from fellow students

“I gave to the International Athletics Fund. As a student-athlete, I understand how valuable it is to have the opportunity to compete on the international stage. I want to be a part of the communty at Northeastern who gives back to their peers in hopes other students will get the same amazing opportunities I’ve had.”
Class of 2022 Student

D'Amore-McKim School of Business

“I gave to the Paradigm Hyperloop Club Fund. In the first semester of my freshman year, I joined to enrich myself in a challenging engineering project and team environment centered around sustainable transportation. I wanted to contribute directly to club resources for those who will come after me in leadership.”
Class of 2022 Student

College of Engineering

“I gave to the Women’s Varsity Soccer team. Being a part of the women’s soccer program for the past five years has given me the opportunity to build life-long relationships. Despite my countless classes, I have learned more from being a part of the team than anywhere else.”
Class of 2022 Student

College of Social Science and Humanities

HuskyStarter Spotlight

The largest clubs sports organization on campus, Northeastern Men’s Ultimate Frisbee┬áhas remained dedicated to the game while continuing to improve and expand since its inception in 1998. Every year, they travel across the country to play against other top-tier college teams.

In December 2021, after qualifying for the College National Championships, they used the HuskyStarter platform to raise funds to make the trip to California a reality. They far surpassed their goal of $8000 with 52 donors from students, parents, alumni, and friends!